Friday, June 03, 2005


I believe the biggest question everyone has/will have is this – “What on earth am I here for?”. Now, if you believe that the world was formed after a big bang, then your existence is just an accident, a mistake. Everything around you is make belief, meant solely for survival and pleasure. You’ll be living with “Since I’m here, I might as well” kind of attitude. You’ll be part of the “Oh, I need this, so I’ll do this” lifestyle.

I believe that God created the earth, and He created you and I. Therefore, if I want to know my purpose here on earth, all I have to do is refer to my Creator. Yes, that raises a lot of questions… Did God create the dinosaurs? Why did God create man, knowing that we’re evil? How could there be so many different races with different skin colours if God created only two? Did God create the deformed?

Truthfully, I don’t know all of these. I don’t have all the answers. Do you?? I’ll have to be there, right in the beginning, in order for me to be able to know all of it. I believe God was there – He’s the alpha and omega, the beginning and the end.

Sure, I’m not able to prove to you the existence of a God, like how the scientists could prove the existences of dinosaurs. But seriously, I would rather believe that there’s a God who created everything for a purpose then to believe that the whole world was formed out of a mishap in space. Wouldn’t it seem more sensible to believe that someone actually created all of these? All of you, all of me? I don’t want to live my life solely for survival or momentary glory. That sounds sad…

I believe I’m created for the fulfillment of a dream, a beautiful dream. Yes, I believe that all of us were meant to be participants in the Master’s plan, the Dream-Giver’s dream. Can you get any bigger than that? This is the reason I believe in God. I'm actually here for a reason!!

God is my creator. Who’s yours?


So I Go said...

amen.. He's the Creator, alright! love your last paragraph about being here for a reason. you're keeping that passion alive and you're going for it..

grammararian said...

That would be "He created you and me." Not "I." It's the object of the verb "created," not the subject.

Try this: if you remove the "you and," the sentence should still read correctly.

"He created I." WRONG
"He crated me." RIGHT!

People get confused because they were often corrected as children when they said, "Joey and me went to the park." But in this case, following the same rules, "Joey and me" is the subject of the verb.

Which of the following is correct?
"Me went to the park."
"I went to the park."

See the difference?

Anonymous said...

You said a lot about some dream and running with it. So, what is your dream?