Thursday, June 30, 2005

:: FCC church camp 2004 ::

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:: FCC church camp 2004 :: Power of Love - 4 days and 3 nights of God's touch. We weren't expecting anything great when we decided to document it, but now we're glad we did. It was a mountain top experience to remember. I believe that we should experience God's power everyday and every moment, so this vcd serves only as a reminder of the lessons we have learned, the call we have responded to, and the love we have received as a church. I believe that this should be shared with our non-Christian friends too. Let them have a glimpse of the real thing.

This project is a means to an end - the dream. Worked on this with Joseph for over 3 months. We had 8 hours of material to go through, and that's not easy. Trimmed it down to 70 minutes, and it's all good stuff in there. I have enjoyed it everytime I watched it, but maybe it's because I participated in its creation...

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