Thursday, September 28, 2006


Sometimes we ask too much of "fire" & "revival" that we don't realise God is waiting for us to shut up so He can give us that very thing we asked for. Are you willing to stop the singing & the praying, forgo the next agenda, and just linger in His presence & allow Him to say something?

Friday, September 15, 2006

Love without agenda

This is a good read. Check out Gina's blog for more good stuff.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

A Shaking

These are exciting times. Time to reach out in love, time for discipleship, time for harvest, time for revival. A shaking is going on - nations, families, churches, & individuals are feeling it - just like God said it would a few months back. I sense this shaking tells of the breaking of the earth, where springs of water would burst forth just like in Noah's time, and the glory of God would cover the earth, as the water covers the sea. Ask God to open your eyes. The harvest is indeed ready, people everywhere are hungry. They need someone to show the light, they need someone to guide them. I hope that through my actions & in my writing I can cast that vision & inspire people to make a move.

Monday, September 11, 2006

The Excitement

There's this urge in my heart, more than ever in recent weeks, to inspire & motivate others to fulfill their potential. Exciting times are ahead & whenever I think about it, I can almost feel the wind of change.
It's going to be a fun ride. You won't want to miss it.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Strangers in our land.

In October 2005, a group of China students came to our church. It was a English learning visit for them. Celine was the person I greeted that Sunday morning, & you could feel her enthusiasm. It didn't take long to identify Jack as the class clown / representative. He's tiny in size, but we would know him as someone with a big heart. Angel deceived us all (me, at least) by dressing all white - a lovely blouse & a skirt - something I've not seen her wear since. Windy was the most confident of all & her walk up to the front to introduce herself to the crowd proved that. And Zizi - she always had a sweet smile.

Throughout the year we have bonded. We would house them weekly & take them church. We would cook for one another & eat together. They even joined us for Christmas carolling. We became like family. We loved them & they loved us right back.

In less than 4 weeks' time, they will all be heading back to our motherland, China. We decided to visit them at the place they are carrying out their training on Merdeka Day. My dad is away in US & there's a chance that they would not meet again. I didn't know why, but I did bring along the video camera & thought of a great idea - recording down what their "parting words" to my dad. There were tears - both of joy and of sorrow.

I saw the video several times as I showed it to May, my mom, my cell group... And I just marvel at what God has done. Each one of them had been touched by our little acts of kindness - both intentional & unintentional ones. God gave us the heart to love them, these strangers in our land, and they have professed to have felt the love of Jesus. I know 2 of them who has placed their hope and trust in this God of ours.

I hope they delay their departure. They have been a bundle of joy.