Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Last Saturday I had an interesting & refreshing encounter. I forgot when was the last time I invited some of the youths to stay over at my place. We watched a bit of football, played Boggle, & then settled down in my room (which amazingly can still host 4 people!!). Very intentionally, I kicked off the conversation, trying to make the most of the night. But I found out that they were much more eager to use that time to be involved in a meaningful conversation. And boy, I really admire the openness, transparency, & honesty of those young men. I've never been as opened as they were with my youth leader or in a group. And I don't think it's because I've presented myself as an approachable guy (I try to though). I believe it's a work that God is doing in our young people in FCC. Among many things, we talked about girls, salvation for friends, disappointments, frustrations, hope, heaven, death, dreams & ambitions...

Oh, last Friday's cell meeting was quite cool as well. We celebrated April birthdays with Anna, Chi Wing & Michelle (who wasn't there). Everyone had to think of a question to ask both Anna & Chi Wing, & boy the questions were really interesting & smart. In that time of Q&A, we've really got to know the birthday boy & girl in greater measure - and I felt that it was a really beautiful time.

I really treasure that few hours we connected on a deeper level. I believe God showed us a glimpse of true communion in the fellowship of the body of Christ. & I love this community God has created me in.

Simple Melody

Just want to share with everyone this simple melody I came up with when I was experimenting with F# key. Give it a try, seriously. Start simple by playing the bass line for F# & G#minor, while hitting any black keys with your right hand. =)

Video was recorded by May with a digital camera, at the Yap residence.

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

TOUCH Service 29 March 2008

Always wanted somebody, or even a group, who can document youth service sermons. Thanks again, Phoebe.
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