Monday, June 30, 2008

Samuel's flip

Samuel's flip.... An episode from the archives...

Saturday, June 21, 2008

New Things

Almost half a year has passed, & looking back I can see God's hand bringing forth new things in TOUCH. It has to be God, because I can't pin-point a single factor, an incident, or an individual that created all these amazing things for us to experience. We had our Brothers' & Sisters' Day that has created a greater bond, respect, appreciation, & sense of belonging among us. Then for Teachers' Day we connected (1 way or another) with the teachers of SMK Raja Ali. Fathers' Day was Now we're only a week away from another huge landmark - TOUCH's first ever Parents' Appreciation Day.

It's more than the events, really. It's the process of creativity & individuality brought together to make ONE THING happen - there were the cooks, the poets, the songs, the artists... Few years ago there were 2 people (in the same night) who told me that TOUCH will produce an album - as in self-written & produced songs, recorded into a cassett (it was so long ago that CDs weren't common yet!!). At that time I was very skeptical. We had good musicians, singers with good voices - but together we were never convincing. We did a concert or 2, which we thought we did pretty well until we watched the tape recording (VCR!!). Let's just say we've never organized a concert ever since... But our very own Soo Brothers (Ben & Daniel) have written 2 songs thus far & they're really really good. They turned me into a believer - we just might produce an album.

This song-writing duo is but 1 example of the many possibilities for God-glorifying & people-touching that this amazing Dream-Giver is showing us - and I believe He'll continue to open our eyes to the things that He has deposited in our lives. Our part is to be open, available, & really listen closely.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Parents' Appreciation Day Ad

An advertisement for Parents' Appreciation Day, which will be held on June 28.

Monday, June 09, 2008

Back to My Roots

warning: incoherrent mumblings...

I've been doing much reflecting lately, choosing not to blog or write or email until I came to a conclusion, or at least an understanding which I'll be temporarily satisfied with. I'm grateful for God's timely intervention in our church camp. I dare not say that I have fully comprehended the things God is trying to say to us, hence the much reflecting.

Still, as the youth leader, I felt compelled to take on the leadership role in helping the youth to move forward in their personal journey, as well as TOUCH's direction. That gave me a greater urgency to study about brokenness, God's presence... Amazingly, even with my limited understanding of the hand of God right now & me feeling inadequet everytime I raise my voice (no pulpit or microphone at youth service) to preach, I sense God helping me through the sermon - as though God was using me to TEACH ME!! At the end of the service, I feel like I'm the one who has gained the most. Haha. Amazing. Yes, God is still speaking. God is still speaking to me.

On a more personal level, I have gained a little headway on what / how God wants me to move forward. I've spent the past week editting the Fathers' Day skit script, which was written by Daniel & team. The storyline is really good, & the script had a lot of good stuff in it. Being able to chip in my ideas into the script just made me feel great to be part of something awesome. Our first practices went really really well too. The talents are truly impressive. I think you'll agree when Fathers' Day come... (or when the video is uploaded to our TOUCH Pictures).

May and I were discussing about this. & it really got me thinking about how before all the videos & dreams of film-making, my passion was really for script-writing. "You think I should start inOCrea again?" - I posted that question to May. Her answer gave me an assurance & put a smile on my face. I think I'm gonna do it.