Friday, June 22, 2007

Recap: Youth Service Number 8




A smile on our faces...

And we'll be ready to go - UPWARDS


See you for number 9.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Weekend Pictionary Club

Above are pictures taken last Saturday night- a gathering of young people, bonding with conversation, food, and pictionary... Pictionary has got to be one of the best board games ever. It's interactive, it's a team sport, requires a lot of brains & creativity, it's rarely about luck. It's just such a fun game!! Funny how it has been in my house all my life & I've only discovered it recently. And I'm really grateful and amazed to see how it can bring people together!! I believe every cell group should own a set.

since 1985

The Weekend Pictionary Club is only the beginning of another God-given dream. And I'm so excited!!

(picture taken by Josephine Kang)

May & Rabeekah... Together we form a deadly partnership...

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Still Figuring Out

It's been 2o days since PK Retreat, and 21 days since I was prayed upon... I'm still trying to figure out what exactly am I suppose to do...

"I see constraint in your life. Let go. This burden is too heavy for you. You're too young to carry this burden... Yield. Surrender. Let go. Go all out. Don't hold back..."

Still trying to figure out what I'm suppose to let go. The words spoken touched my heart, I know it's true. I can feel the weight of that burden, but my mind just can't seem to figure out what that burden is...

Have to go back to the quiet place...

(picture taken by Josephine Kang)

Be still, my soul, be still...

Friday, June 15, 2007

Recap: Youth Service Number 7

I sensed something different about youth service right from the prayer meeting onwards. Something good was going on. And it was only going to get better.

I've said it before. The growth and progress of TOUCH is very much dependant on the growth of individuals. And this day everyone chipped in.

Singing led by Ben...

Lemuel used Acts 2:42-47 to interact with us.

The group discussion...

I saw much growth in many people that day. And after the 7th youth service ever, I believe TOUCH is ready for a next step. Something good is going on. And it's going to get better.

Come, fill this place.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

This Is For Lee Ken Chung

Dear Ken Chung,
It's been 2 days since you left us for your 4 months' stay in US. Hope you had a wonderful journey & are beginning to settle down in New Jersey. I don't know what's the weather like now, but please remember not to lick the lamp post during the winter season. Matter of fact, you probably should just not lick anything while you're there. Or back here.

Oh, I've fulfilled your wishes last night - I've passed your PlayStation 2 to Jezreel & Daniel. And here are the pictures to prove the exchange.

Jezreel and Daniel all smiles after receiving the PS2.

The opening ceremony.

Deciding who should be using it first... Still all smiles...


What tragedy... 2 friends now turned enemies...

You should have just given me the PlayStation 2 lah, Ken...

p.s Missing you already lah...

Friday, June 08, 2007

Youth Service Number 7

Yes my friends. We are gathering again. One generation, one church, one service, one and a half hours. Oh, and we have prayer meeting at 5pm. Samuel & Daniel will lead us to pray. And for the first time ever, Lemuel Yee will be preaching. He's a BCM student, so you better make sure you bring your bibles to service. =)

If you have never attended our youth services since April, I urge you to come. I assure you that if you open your heart & eyes, God will plant something in you that would help you in your journey. If you need transport to come, please call your cell leader & arrange lah.

Your cell leader will help you solve your problem with much calmness.

So there's no excuse. Stop sitting on your bums and get moving!!
And stop sitting on someone else's bum too

Monday, June 04, 2007

ExG 4

There wasn't as many contributions as we first began this movement of gathering like-minded youths explore their gifts & talents, but it was a great night. The only thing unfortunate about the entire event was that there weren't any still-picture cameraman present that night.

Groundbreaking is how I'll describe the night. We first saw Rabeekah coming out of her shell to be co-MC with Daniel; Deanna & Benjamin, working together for the first time, showcased their violins; the girls (teenagers & 20-somethings) did a hip-hop dance, which was interesting; Joseph & Esther co-wrote & sang a duet, which was totally awesome; Justin & Daniel read their cool poems; and Ken Chung surprised us all with an art piece.

Then there were those of us who decided to stick to what we know - Jean used cartoon characters to present a message; Su Mei, although not present on the night, gave a touching poem as encouragement to all; Rachael helped out with the food (burgers were great!!); and I stuck to do yet another video.

I remember the time when I did the whole spinning thing in church (you'll have to have seen the video to know what I'm talking about), people were looking at me weird & someone even said it was lame. But it turned out pretty nice in the video & people acknowledged that. Goes to show that when you're working based on your vision of a full picture, there's bound to be criticism by those those who have not seen... Press on, persevere, do it - in His time, everything turns out beautiful.

I'm sorry if I've not mentioned your ExG 4 in this post - I only wrote down whatever I can recall from my memory. I'm sure the ExG 4 video I'll come up with will justify all your contributions. I'm so proud of everyone involved. & I'm sure the next one will be even more amazing.

A big shout out must be given to Joseph Teng, the owner of ExG, who absolutely took ownership of the event & led extremely well.

Friday, June 01, 2007

PK Retreat 2007

PK stands for Pastors' Kids, and that's what I am. And I feel extremely honoured to be part of this special group of people. We gathered from all over the country & had a great time of refreshing. Got to meet some old faces & though I'm meeting most of them for the first time, we connected immediately. All of us are in similiar circumstances, so we could let our guard down & just be ourselves for at least 4 days.

I consider myself as part of the older generation of PKs, so I wanted to be a positive influence in the camp. I didn't exactly jump upon the opportunity to perform the first ice-breaker of the camp, but I chose not to pull out even though there was someone else more ready than I was. The game wasn't suitable for such a big group, and I think most of the people were bored. But my objective was to get myself out there & be known, and I guess I did that.

Also had an opportunity to songlead in one of the sessions, but I passed it to Phoebe & she raised the bar for everyone. The spontaneously-formed band didn't really gel at the beginning, but they were determined in practice and the end-result was just awesome. All their hard work paid off. The band did well, the 3 back-ups singers were simply beautiful to watch & listen. Kudos to all of them.

I brought my PC & video camera, initially wanting to complete my ExG 4 piece with some spare time. But I was given the privilege to document the entire PK Retreat & make a video of highlights for the combine-service on the last morning. I have more footage & will be making more videos soon. Then of course there were the Winning-11 addicts (Levi, Lemuel, Alwin, Michael, Joshua & Kenrick!!) who also occupied the PC. But it all turned out well lah. I enjoyed playing Winning-11 with the guys, & it was nice to have Michel & Andrea to give feedback as I editted the video.

Another goal of mine in the PK Retreat is to get people hooked on PICTIONARY!! My success was evident when I found more than 20 people (segregated into 4 teams) sitting at the main entrance of the hotel playing the WHOLE NIGHT (1am - 5am). For the highlights video I had to ask people for "1 word to describe the retreat" and there were actually some who said "PICTIONARY!!" HAHA... I LOVE IT!!

2 days of football were awesome as well. This is the only time I spent with the adults. 1st day it was a mixture & the 2nd game was a match between the fathers & the sons. On both occasions I had to play centre back, take (& score) penalties, played extremely well (on my personal account), and ended up on the losing side. But it was a lot of fun, & scoring a goal from a free kick is something I'll remember for a long time.

The final night was the best session of all. We were gathered in various groups & we got to know everyone's name. Then there was a great flow of the Spirit, with many people contributing to that flow. I was truly motivated by those who came out & make declarations on behalf of our families - they were bold, inspired, motivated. All the more I felt extremely honoured to be part of this special group of people. I can't wait to gather with them again.