Tuesday, June 27, 2006

My Cell Group

God has blessed me with a wonderful cell group. Each one carries a different vibe and unique personality. By the grace of God we often have very open and transparent sharings and discussion. It's so beautiful to hear a young person talk about life in school, peer pressure, sibling relationship, music, God... To me, this is church. Sharing life together, meeting needs, encouraging and praying for one another to be the light and salt to the people we know and brush pass everyday, sharing and showing the Jesus we know individually, motivating our walk in knowing this huge God.

It's such a joy to be with them. I see Jesus in all of them. Everytime we meet I feel that they are investing time in my life.

Friday, June 23, 2006

Why I Didn't Go To Church On Fathers' Day

I could have easily refused my colleagues' request to come back to work on weekends. All I have to do is dish out my religious fervour and I'm spared from the misery. They have respect for our muslim clients' prayer time, so it won't be hard to say that "I need to go to church, please respect my religion"... Church + Religion - I have been pondering upon these 2 words for a long time now.

What is the purpose of church? Attending church service and singing songs and watching performances and listening to a sermon - if all these are an end in itself, then... No. I can't even imagine what it'll be like.
God = Love. A church without love is a church without God. Isn't it our job to point people towards God, towards the source of love? What's the use of church if we don't love? What's the use of prayer, worship, church service, cell group, youth ministry, evangelism, if we don't love?

My Indian colleague is near retirement age. I don't know how many chidren he has. I remember hearing him talking about his 2 sons. He had to work on Sunday - Fathers' Day. Judging from the 3 hours I spent at work, both of us really didn't need to show up that day. But I was glad I spent 3 hours with a father, helping him as much as I could. I didn't go to church because of him. I was compelled to go to work that day, but not by the pressure from my seniors, but by love. I didn't mention Jesus nor show him verses from the bible. I was just there to spend a moment of Fathers' Day with a father.

Thursday, June 08, 2006

John 3:17

Alpha @ NanoChurch once again brought up an issue (read it here)I have trouble applying in my life with balance. And my balancing act is way far from perfection. Here's the imaginary conversation between God and I on the matter::
me: Ok. So that's what You do.
God: yes, and you can do it too.
me: But You're God. Your ways are so much higher than mine.
God: Sure You can. I say so.
me: Well, it's easier said than done. I guess I'm still processing the idea.
God: You'll get it.
me: How do I apply this here on earth? It's so hard to find the right balance.
God: What makes you think there's a balance?
me: There isn't?
God: What's My motto?
me: erm... Love no matter what??
God: See, I told you I didn't make you dumb.
me: But I'm missing something out, right? Or else we wouldn't be having this conversation... How do I love? How can I love the way that You do?
God: What is love?
me: Is this a trick question?
God: Play along, son.
me: Well, YOU are love!!
God: That's right. And I can love the way that I do because....??
me: Because You are love??
God: And you know that if I do something, it's out of love because...??
me: Because I know that You are love??
God: So what is your question?
me: In order to love, I first need to BE LOVE?
God: Yes, you need to be all about love. Everything about you, must be about love. I want you to think about this.
me: You know I will. But this matter sounds harder than it was before...
God: Who ever told you following Me will be easy?
me: I followed You because I know You're the way.
God: Right, the narrow way that leads to life.
me: Right.
God: You'll get it. I want you to.

Monday, June 05, 2006

Experimental Grounds 2nd wave

We had our ExG 2 last Friday night. It's really nice to see young people expressing themselves in worship unto God. Some of them were absolutely inspiring. I'll be writing about it later. I'll be making the video on the event and post it on the internet. You'll be able to find it at the sidebar link "My Videos". For now, i'll just show you my piece.

This is only the first version. I had to rush through the ending, as it was really late already and I know it was going to be a long day ahead. As I was lying on my bed I actually had to force myself to stop thinking about ways to improve the video. I've decided to get back to this project after I have completed the church videos. I think there's 5 videos that need to be done. So that will take 2 weeks.

Feel free to give comments. And if you're rich, you may want to consider being my producer for my movie. Haha. Enjoy.