Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Morning Traffic

Experienced the worst of public transport today… or shall I say, the human heart? Mom and dad sent me to the train station in the morning. They were planning to walk the market several rounds – window-shopping + exercise.

I met a footballer friend yesterday at the station, same time. As I bought the ticket, I wondered if I’ll meet anyone I know… Looked around to check for familiar faces, but all I found was the I-hate-Mondays look even though it’s already Tuesday... I’m used to being alone during most of my travels (to college, office, church). Apart from the waiting (don’t get me started), I enjoy my time on the bus/train. That’s of course when I’m not busy complaining… It will be a time of reflection, self-analysis, recalling something funny, exploring possibilities, and idea generation. I usually achieve these things alone and undistracted.

So there I was… Passed through the gate and on the platform I waited. Checked the timer – oh, 7 more minutes before the next train comes. As my eyes motioned back to the distance, where the train would come, I met another footballer. But even more than that, as I found from our conversation later on, I met another dream-runner.

Funny how we’ve never connected… I guess I never took the time to bother. But this morning we found so many common grounds. We both ride the same ride, for a start. I just found out he was a footballer on Sunday when we played together in a Father’s Day soccer match. Turns out he’s studying the course I’m interested in – Mass Communication. He then shared about his main goal in pursuing this course – it’s a God-given dream, I tell you!!

We continued our conversation as we entered into the crowded train. We got deeper, and I too shared my God-given dream. Wow, I’m seriously not alone!! “This is no coincidence…” I think to myself. We are both riding the same ride indeed!! It’s a divine appointment, and only the Dream-Giver could have pulled it off so flawlessly…

As I walked towards the office, I was again reminded that I had not played football in a while and how much I dislike our public transport system… even though my legs were a bit worn out, I felt my spirit lifted onto a higher ground. The feeling did not transpose into the physical realm, but I could swear that I felt a gush of wind sweep pass me. My heart secretly wished that the track that Prakash and I run on will be as cramped up as that train was… and I believe that as the Dream-Giver continues to give us the grace we need to run with these dreams, this wish of mine will be fulfilled…

And you won’t see morning traffic the same again…

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