Monday, June 06, 2005

He endures my nonsense

Only God could have the power to endure my nonsense. He knows me inside out, but He still trust in me. I can’t comprehend, but I’m grateful. I suppose He remembers why He created me in the first place and what His son died on the cross for. Not so that His purposes on earth may be fulfilled. No, no, no. He doesn’t need me. He has legions of angels under His command; He doesn’t need a fallen man like me.

So why does He choose me to trust with His dreams? The only explanation I can come up with is that what He wants is for me to get what I need. There’s nothing in it for Him, seriously. He could have sent Jesus down again, and it’ll all be finished. His will is done with effective and efficiency. Totally unlike now… passing on a dream to me would mean that He has to wait for very very very very very very long. He’ll have to wait for me to grow up, go through the rebellious stage, finally understand about His calling upon my life… not to mention of the many times I’ll rise and fall, run and stumble… boy, He’ll have to be very patient and enduring.

I conclude that running with a God-given dream does most good for myself. Sure, it’ll change some lives, help a few people, give some hope and vision. But the greatest gain is that I fulfill my destiny and know God, and thus, live a fulfilled life. Yes, that’s what He wants to give you and me – the abundant life.

I thank God for enduring me... for my sake.


Luke Chan said...

His Only Son was so Fantastic that He decided that He wants more sons like His Only Son.The love between them was so Amazing that He wants us to experience that kind of love with Him and among us. He endures the long process of moulding like the Potter and the clay. Of course it take a shorter time when we cooperate with Him.

So I Go said...

great words.. you've got an amazing perspective.

His patience takes the form of endless grace. Incredible, isn't it? and enduring He is..