Friday, May 23, 2008

the rocks

a community project in conjunction with Teachers' Day.

Friday, May 16, 2008

The Rocks

In conjunction with Teachers' Day & in our attempt to be a blessing to the secondary schools around Jalan Ipoh, TOUCH will be giving gifts to 120 teachers in SMK Raja Ali. We chose Raja Ali because it's the nearest school from our church., & we chose to bless the teachers because... what better way to penetrate into a school than to first touch the hearts of teachers, right?

Yesterday (Thursday) a bunch of helpful volunteers came over to my humble room to make beautiful paperweights. It took us (9 people if you include Rebecca & I, missing from the picture) 4 hours to complete 52 paperweights, simply because we (by that, I mean they) put our hearts & souls into each one - we want every teacher to be blessed by this small little gift. Tomorrow, we'll hope to finish another 68 more paperweights, while making another 120 handcrafted bookmarks. I hope that tomorrow's bunch will be able to give as much passion & enthusiasm as those yesterday.

Oh, in order to fund this community project & also others to come, we've started selling car stickers with our (new!!) TOUCH logo & our link on them. Hopefully as we document our God-given ventures, will create awareness towards our cause. I've recorded yesterday's paperweight-producing moments, that video will be up soon.

Many thanks to those who have given to help out in this endeavour - your talents, money, time, petrol are well-invested. THANK YOU.

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Thursday, May 08, 2008

Pleasant Surprise

Woke up to a pleasant surprise this morning - it was Rabeeka saying "hi" on msn. Turns out National Service is giving them a 1-week holiday, so she's staying at a friend's place. Great thing about it is that there's even a webcam there!! That's why I was able to take a picture of her. She says she has gain weight, apparently they only feed the NS trainees once - once a day, everyday, all day long. Well I say she's lovely as ever.

If you have msn / Skype, do contact her. I'm sure she wants to do some catching up. Oh, try to get her before night falls, better connection during the day wo... Even better if you have webcam, she'll be delighted to see you.

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Friday, May 02, 2008

I'm itching...

Man this picture sure brings back memories... I want to do another one!! Better one!!