Tuesday, January 19, 2010

This is me I've been working on

Assembled a team of friends to play as my brother's wedding band. Yes, I will be playing my first live gig along with Andrew & John Chew, Ken Chung, and Samuel Young.

 This is me pretending to be John Mayer.

We've had 2 rehearsals thus far. I've really been slacking musically for many years now. 7 years ago, I was teaching Andrew to play the acoustic guitar and my skill level is still stuck there. I can still fake it behind an acoustic guitar, but now it seems appropriate that the student become the teacher. As for singing, even the drummer sings better than I do. I actually don't intend to be the main singer in my own band, but I do want to improve on my vocals.

Gotta go for classes...

Monday, January 11, 2010

A book?!

We were watching a DVD in church today. The speaker was talking about how we can save a lifetime of mistakes by learning from others' mistakes. He mentioned that he found a book written by a missionary, that records all the life lessons he had learned throughout his ministry. And this speaker shared that that book saved him 20 years of mistakes.

At that point, I was imagining myself writing down all my regrets & mistakes into a book. And when the time is right, I will pass it onto my children & they will avoid their old man's troubles. I was going to be a life-saver & will be forever appreciated.

What a dumb idea!! I immediately thought the next instants. I don't want to be the idiot who made so many mistakes that could fill into a book!! I certainly don't want my children to remember me for my mistakes!! I want my life to be a good example for them to follow - hence, I must learn from others' mistakes. Gotta dive into reading again.

Thursday, January 07, 2010

In the year 2010

I've been doing a whole lot of reflecting these past 3 months. My 25th birthday was the thing that propelled me into that danger zone. Yes, reflections are dangerous - most of the time you get depressed thinking about the past (unless your life is perfect). Then you have a 50 / 50 chance of coming out alive, or dead inside. Even then, how many would have the courage & determination to actually make changes - changes necessary for us to survive our next reflection.

25 is half way to 50. And halfway has kinda been the story of my life (so far). I've managed to trace it way back to my primary school years. I inherited my parents' gift in art, but I only went for a few drawing classes in school. That was my first drop-out, I guess - at the age of 9. Then there was sports. I represented my school in table tennis & badminton. I was good in basketball too. And even though my class lost in the finals, my teacher still recommended me to join a local basketball team - I turned that down. Eventually I quit badminton at 14, to focus on table tennis & 'bola baling'. But all that came to an end when I quit school at 16.

Picked by guitar when I was 12, and that's where my music journey began. But I never had the willpower to learn everything my brother was willing to teach - guitar, drums, keys. In Form 2, I started playing football with the neighborhood kids. But SPM, part-time jobs & college would severe me from playing football regularly - and with that, I lost my speed & dribbling skills. Studied business administration as I didn't know that my real passion was (still is) in mass communications, even that I only got a diploma to show for. In all these, I feel that I've failed my teachers.

I've never been one to have new year resolutions, but after all that reflection, I know I must plan for the year 2010. My only have one new year resolution: to focus on the things I believe I can improve & excel in, and let go of time-wasting activities. And here, I'm going to list down the things I want to focus on / achieve in the year 2010 - firstly to remind myself & allow others to remind me. Secondly, is because I know I cannot work alone in achieving these goals - I need my friends.

Here goes:
1. Drama / movie production - targeting the Easter & Christmas period.
2. Improve musically - mainly on vocals, guitar, & drums.
3. Improve in cinematography & pick up photography.

Trusting God all the way for peace, joy, strength, & love to live through the year.