Wednesday, June 15, 2005

A Means to An End

Took a personality test together with the youth last Sunday, had several youth leaders beside me to get their opinions and help out with some words that I don’t have in my vocabulary. One thing they see in me is that I’m a task-oriented, realistic person. No doubt about that… sometimes I do fail to be sensitive to the people I work with. I’m still working on that…

I’m quite a creative guy, I think. Few acknowledge that, and that’s fine with me. And so I want to use this gift of mine to spread the good news of grace and hope. It started off with publishing our youth’s very own TOUCH bulletin. That was a long time ago, but I hear people still get glued to them. Then it was producing plays and dramas for our Christmas events. Long, gruesome process… but tremendous fruits. It’s such a joy when people are blessed by my work, our work - God’s work. Along the way, Joseph has helped me much. I think he’s a gift too. We have shared so much together – late nights working on bulletins and scripts, his computer, skills and visions.

I really thank God that these God-given dreams of mine require me to work together with others, to gather resources, to draw inspiration, strength, and encouragement from them. Sure, the process isn’t always pleasant. People forget, grow complacent and lazy, constantly complain, unappreciative… But I prefer group effort than loneliness. Somehow there’s greater pleasure in seeing individuals working towards one goal and actually achieving it, because only the Dream-Giver is capable of doing such a thing. Furthermore, I believe He is not so much task-oriented as He is people-oriented. After all, His task is about people. I get it…

Looking back, I come to realize that God has been giving me dreams through people around me – people who see God’s work in my life. They have guided me in so many ways, and I don’t know where I would have done with myself had they not cast their vision upon me, believed in me, encouraged me, pushed me… So many thanks and appreciation to Carolina, Joseph, Barbara, and my dad…

And in my journey towards fulfilling God-given dreams, I acknowledge that all my efforts are not an end, but means to achieve a dream - a greater dream. No, the Dream-Giver has more in stored for all those who avail themselves for the run. And by the end of this run and the beginning of the next, I’ll see myself arriving at yet another personal milestone. I’ll see many familiar faces too. People who have taken this God-given dream and made it their own – they are the ones who will be alongside me, at that milestone, that end to a mean of THE END. No one will stand out, but everyone on their knees, seeking the Audience of ONE – the Dream-Giver.

Yes, it’s fun running with a God-given dream, especially when you’re not alone.


So I Go said...

amen.. great post. you've definitely got creativity.. it's a joy to read about how everything is starting to become clear for you.

continue trusting Him for each and every detail and watch how your creativity explodes into something amazing for His kingdom.

blessings my friend.

Luke Chan said...

I think you are a sensitive person [ not touchy ]. What we all need is to be able to express our sensitivity and objectivity in a fruitful way.
Keep inspiring others with inspirations. Be real, be genuine, be honest, listen, share...keep going man!!!

j4s0n said...

_got cre8ivity?**

i think you are one of the most creative guys ive ever seen man..maybe other people just don't gt the chance to see it..

i marvel at the passion you have for our Dream-giver..i too want to have that kinda fire and passion..and even more!

its really cool to see the work that He's doing in you and through you..

all i have to say is..keep this up and continue to have a heart for Him and His dreams for us!