Saturday, February 28, 2009

Fix Me

This whole week I've been reminded, time & time again, that I still have not 'arrived'; that I'm still so un-Christlike in a million ways and that time & age won't get me there. As I step back & observe how people deal with one another, I notice the fact that too often I fail to do what I know is right. I'm a big fat hypocrite - my words are louder than my actions. I am able to tell others what to do yet I fail miserably in behaving correctly. I speak without listening; I teach without applying...

I'm humbled. Holy Spirit searched me out - the verdict: I'm in repair, I'm not together, & I'm a million miles away from getting there. 

Yet you still love me? Unbelievable... Mind-boggling.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Would I Get It?

Here's my application for The Best Job In The World... Check it out... If you like my video, please go to this link & vote. My goal is to at least get to the top 11 shortlisted candidates. & at least top the Malaysian contestants lah... I must own!!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Show Off =)

This year's Chinese New Year is our first as a married couple. Never mind having to give angpao (red packets with money inside), someone somewhere somehow started this thing where all first timers like May and myself will have to give double - 2 angpaos to every person. I suspect that it all happened when a crazed old uncle drank too much beer... The easy way out was of course divide the originally set amount by 2. May hasn't had a full time job since November, & my freelance jobs give no fixed salaries. So it would only be fair to expect us to give a minimum amount.

But our God isn't a minimum God. He's a HOW MUCH MORE God. He's the ever-giving, ever-blessing master, & in Him we do not worry. Consider the fact that I've been without a stable, fixed salary for almost 20 months & have no lack; how about the fact that my family doesn't have much financially, yet we are paying a morgage & God still uses us to bless others; take into account how we did not have any money to get married & yet managed to receive a great surplus from our wedding dinner... That's the awesomeness of our God. How can we, then, give others based on how much we gain from our earthly paymasters?

And so we gave more than what people say we should. It was never about hoping that God will reward us as we obey His voice - we know that God loves us no matter our obedience & our performance, as His faithfulness and loving-kindness endures forever. We just know that He will take care of us, & so there's no need to give in weariness.

Giving certainly feels better than receiving - & that was a reward in itself. But God displayed His awesomeness again (in youth ministry, we accept the term SHOW OFF. We believe God wouldn't mind it too) by providing May with a kindergarten job - it's 10-minutes' drive away, pays decent, & owned by a lovely, generous couple. With that, I have green light to continue in my freelance work. An added bonus is that our beloved friend, Rabeeka Raj, is working alongside May & is actually loving it over there.

I praise Him & will continue to live my life trusting Him. God, You're such a show-off. I like it. Do continue to show off Your awesomeness through our lives. Amen.

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

The Joy of Youth Ministry

I was just thinking about how awesome it is to be a youth worker in a local church now. Especially now - in this time of age where youths are despised & generalized negatively (yes even in the church) - it feels awesome to be the few who understands enough to stand by them through this crazy stage of their lives. It's such a great honour, joy, privilege, and responsibility!! Too many people choose to dwell on the little things that supports their childish, unfounded prejudices. With that they miss out on amazing things that God will do in & through this generation, and for that I pity them.

To the people of TOUCH, I want you to know that I love this youth group very much!! I'm so thankful for your trust towards me, allowing me to walk with you & participate in your life journey. I've been amazed by what God has done in your lives & I'm extremely excited about what He plans to do amongst us. The world & even people in the church may despise you - let them be - the important thing is that you don't despise yourselves, because you are the apple of His eye. Don't ever forget that.