Saturday, April 30, 2005

You Choose

People are so easily distracted these days, so unaware about God, what He wants and all that. Trends, colour, moods, emotions, peers drive them... there’s entertainment all around us, all the time!! We forget about everything, not a worry in the world… until silence comes upon us. After all the hype, excitement, fun, busyness… When there’s nothing left to be done, what is there to live for?

Many go through life without knowing their true purpose on earth and God, our Creator – the only guy that truly knows why we exist on this earth. Some don’t even believe that there’s a God. Some believe in fate, the “whatever-will-be-will-be” mindset. __“I’ll just go ahead with whatever I want to do, and let fate decide what comes out of my life”__ Many tend to think that way, but I don't. I mean, doesn’t sound like merely surviving what “fate” has destined? __“Oh, it’s all decided, I’m just fitting in” __ doesn’t it seem like we’re just puppets?

Or is it man’s reason to avoid responsibility and accountability for his own actions? __ “Don’t blame me for doing this to you. It’s fate that has forced me to come to this point”__ Man has been doing things without knowing God's will. But when they fall, stumble, and get hurt, they blame the “Power on high”… Is that true? Is everything happening around us God's will? CERTAINLY NOT!!

I believe in a God that has created everyone on this earth. Every individual is unique and special in His eyes. He has a plan and purpose for His creations, but He gives us something called "freewill"!! WHY? Because He loves us!! He doesn’t force us to do things His way, but gives us time and space to decide and choose. Now that’s GRACE!! AMAZING GRACE (I’ll talk about it more some other time)

With freedom comes responsibility and accountability. You can choose to know God and what He wants of you (God’s will), but ultimately YOU have the right to choose between obedience and rebellion, His way or your way (freewill). You make the choice; you bear the consequences, good and bad. In the end, every man has to be accountable for his own actions.

p.s As you read this blog, I pray that you’ll search your own heart. Try not to think about the things that you can’t control – others’ actions. If everyone blames every other everyone, no one will change. Let the change start with you and me.

Wednesday, April 27, 2005

I love this game!!

I love football for the beauty of teamwork. It’s most delightful thing to see the players creating a flow with the passing of the ball. The end result of a flow may not always turn out to be a goal, but it surely brings much excitement and anticipation, even building the momentum in favour of the team.

(Now, I know I’m putting my writing career in risk by talking about football… but please, there’s a value to this…)

A successful team has teamwork. And that’s not easy to have, considering the fact that a team consists of many individuals. Team members come from different training backgrounds, speak different languages, have different time perspectives, strengths and weaknesses. Everyone has a different say as to how things are done. And that’s where rules, coaches and manager come in. The rules are there to make sure players are living a healthy lifestyle, and the coaches are there to build the foundation for skill, technique, and stamina… The manager’s job is to create strategies that will fully utilize the squad’s ability. The players’ role are to abide in the rules, work to improve, follow the game plan and give their all.

Everyone in the team play a different role. But one thing everyone has in common is the desire to be the best in what they do - winning. And for that to happen, they must work together. Because in football, everything that needs to be done has to be done together. No time to look down on each other, no one can stand-alone. You can’t leave the defending to just the defenders and goalkeeper, nor can the strikers attack without the support of the rest of the team. You can’t win without defending, not can you win without scoring goals…

Being in a team is about supporting each other to reach one goal. There’s no room or time to look down upon each other, be prideful and wanting things done your way. It’s about covering for a teammate’s weakness and assist the improvement process. It’s about understanding and learning from each other’s strengths. It’s about continuously improving one’s self in order to be contribution to the team. It’s about learning to work together as a team.

Now, a football team sure does have a lot of similarity with the Kingdom of God, doesn’t it?

I see God’s calling upon my life as a football player chosen to be in a football match. 90 minutes on the clock. Have I done enough to be prepared for the game? Have I trained well, developed my skill and stamina? Do I understand my teammates? Do they understand me? Do I know the instructions given to me? It’s no time to be selfish now, no time to be a show-off. I refuse to be self-sufficient. That isn’t the way it’s meant to be!! It’s too tiring to carry a burden that’s meant to be shared. I need to trust my teammates; I need to pass the ball.

I need to pass the ball…

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Running with it

Ha, I'm still suffering from the lack of sleep I had on Sunday... Only afforded one hour of sleep, as I had to finish a short movie production... The final result was ok, though looking back I see some things I could have done better... Like how inefficient it was to take 10 hours to finish a 13-minutes short film... The most important thing, however, is that the youth catches the vision and run with the desires of their heart, with God as the focus-point, of course...

It's so much fun to run with God-given dreams... there’s really nothing to lose… At all!! It’s His dream, and I’m just a channel He uses. Besides, it’s God’s plan, what could go wrong? All I need to do is be available and obedient. Is it inconvenient to me? Of course it is!! But hey, my life is not my own… He bought me with a price, and what I got out of that deal is eternal LIFE. What’s there to complain about?

I make it a point to not constantly “inform” everyone about how tired or busy I am. Simply because there’s so much time used up doing things for me!! How dare I say “no” to God’s voice? How could I not answer the call? He has been so gracious and patient already...

Friends, let us run with the dreams that God has given to us. Let's not get so caught up our own lives that we forget who we are suppose to live for...

*p.s. – Notice a difference in my writing style? There are many more surprises to come… By the way, what’s “p.s” anyway? I know there's a reason for it...

A poem

You laid aside Your glory
To show the way,
Clothed with humility
Yet brighter than day

I cling to hope,
I hold on to promise
I die to my self
That in You I may live

Send Your fire
Burn all of me
From all earthly desires
Would You set me free

Give me more of You
Lord, You must increase
I will take up my cross
For You, I shall live

.... Someone inspired me to write poems again. I want to express myself as clearly and accurately as I can, so I might edit this several times...

I want to thank all those who've been reading my blog. Keep those comments coming in... I pray that you'll be inspired and encouraged, convicted and changed...

Monday, April 04, 2005

More of You, Less of me.

Donald Trump gave a great advice – “Don’t ever lose your cool, unless you want to achieve something by doing so.”

I hate losing my cool. It makes me look so stupid, it’s a waste of time and energy, and it only shows that there’s still much pride in my life. Furthermore, nothing positive was achieved. I disappointed God, my friends, people who look up to me, and myself. I’m extremely disappointed with myself, considering all the promises and the ‘never-ever’ statements I’ve made to myself. Why do I have to get all defensive when confronted with an accusation? I hate needing to defend myself, because I’m lousy at it. It’s so pointless, really, because there’s always be two sides of the story. The past can be altered in so many ways!! It’s not like we can watch our lives on a videotape and say, “Look!! I told you so… This is what really happened!!”

I make a point to not respond or react to accusations anymore. So if you know me, please remind me to keep my cool. I so thought I had it together already… foolishness!! I’m also working on not accusing others’ actions before knowing the entire story. I want to treat others the way I want others to treat me. Give respect to gain respect, give grace to obtain grace…

I think that again, it’s down to the problem with pride. I’m still upset with myself over it. I guess it’s another reminder that I need to depend on God’s guidance rather than my own wisdom. I’m not doing any good remaining the way I am. My righteousness is like a filthy rag.

John 3:30 (The Message) - This is the assigned moment for Him to move into the center, while I slip off to the sidelines.

More of You, less of me, Lord. Please…

Isaiah 64:6 - We are all infected and impure with sin. When we proudly display our righteous deeds, we find they are but filthy rags. Like autumn leaves, we wither and fall. And our sins, like the wind, sweep us away.

John 3:30 (Amplified Bible) - He must increase, but I must decrease. [He must grow more prominent; I must grow less so.]

Change my heart, oh Lord
Make it ever true.
Change my heart, oh God,
May I be like You.

You are the potter,
I am the clay.
Mold me and make me,
This is what I pray.