Wednesday, January 03, 2007

My Christmas Highlights

1. Having Dorcas & Deborah over for Christmas Sunday. Throughout the years I'm happy to form a bond with the 2 sisters. I don't know how much hassle the family has to go through taking care of them. The only problem I have in the short moments I have with them is that they're quite heavy despite of their size.

2. Deciding against staying at home & work on the movie, I had a good time ushering in Christmas with May and my big bunch of friends. This picture was taken at the rooftop of the Looi's residence. We were trying hard to fart and the bench was about to break.

3. Going to the Scully's for lunch. It's a must to eat Aunty Belle's cooking!! It was a simple meal but it was awesome!! Took a short clip of Sonia but somehow the footage was overwritten... Sad. so no picture here of the lovely Sonia Dawn Scully.

4. My family was extremely gung-ho that day... After such a filling meal at the Scully's and visiting 2 more houses, we went to the Young's for steamboat at 6pm!! Didn't take a lot there lah... But it was nice to be able to be with more people that day.

5. The picture you see above is the aftermath of the dinner at Joseph's place. Joe is enjoying his vodka + sparkling juice, Caleb is high on 100 plus, & Jason... is switching between drinking vodka + sparking juice & making sound with the bottle. Joseph was actually the first person to send an invitation on Christmas Day. My parents were too tired by then, so just May and I went.

The environment was so much different compared to the other Christmas parties I've been to. It was rather quiet. Apart from the Teng family, there was Jason, Caleb, May and myself. And it was so much fun. We could actually hear each other speak!! Aunty Jessie is always generous & the dining table was full of good stuff. There were several different kinds of cakes, as well as the Teng family pasta... hehe.


desiree said...

may is just so nice and funny. you're one lucky man. =]

Joash Chan said...

i know, i know...