Wednesday, January 24, 2007

I'm leaving my day job.

It is confirmed - I'm quitting my day job. My current contract actually ends in February, but I'll stay till April to make sure all my tasks have been passed on.
Ready to take off...

Had a conversation with my boss, for whom I am grateful. He gave me a chance to learn in his company & meet so many friends. He reminded me of the opportunity I'm leaving behind - involvement in a big project that will look good in my resume & job security for at least 2 years. He also allowed me the opportunity to share with him the frustrations I have with this job (will write about that next time).

The reason I'm leaving this job is because of HOPE & BELIEF. I hope the real world isn't filled with jobs that will drain the life out of every individual. And I believe that if the real world is what I have experienced in the past 2 years, that the real world is LIKE THAT, then I need to create a new reality, or at least represent what I believe reality should be like.

the sky's the limit

My family & friends have really motivated me towards this decision, especially with the arrival of my PC & my video camera. God has been really good to me as well, answering me exactly the way I asked for. It's awesome to know that I'm not alone in this journey of running with a God-given dream. I'm still planning out the things I want to do during my first few months of unemployment. One thing's for sure - I have a video camera and a powerful PC which I desire to fully utilise.

You'll see me doing a lot of that...

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