Monday, January 29, 2007

Day 5

Day 5 began at 9.30pm. And I believe it was just an hour ago before we informed Chi Wing that he would be play the part of Will's tuition student. Chi Wing took it on his stride (he's cool like that) & he performed well on his first acting role with us. The only problem we had with him was that he was unable to act scared - because he would look too cute.

An hour later, the 2 leading actors, Caleb, & myself arrive at Kepong KTM for scene 11. I initially had doubts about the location, but once I look through the video camera LCD, it felt right. The street lights, the night view, the narrow path & the entire surrounding set the atmosphere.

Scene 11 was the most difficult to write. I took almost 2 weeks to think through it, and with May's help, I managed to complete the script just a day before we shot it. So it's understandable that the actors took a while to memorize the script.

Because the KTM was still operating at the time, there were people passing by & we had to stop from time to time. There was this passerby who made our day that night. We were getting ready to shoot when he asked "Can I pass?" and then as he walk by he wished us all the best. And that was really neat.

We headed back to my house for recharging (energy & camera battery) and a change of clothing. We took longer-than-planned to get out of the house because I wasn't sure of which location to use. In the end we just settled for the abandon shoplots behind my house. It turned out alright, but as I looked at the footages again I realised that there was a spot that had a better background colour (yellow wall) & probably even better lighting...

Doing 2 difficult scenes in 1 night is no easy task, let alone a bunch of amatuers like us. Thankfully the mistakes made were funny enough (blooopers!!) to distract us from the fact that the time was almost 1am. Day 5 was about being spontaneous & flexible, being able to just go with the flow, enjoy the moment & enjoy the results of it. I suppose that's one of the beauties in movie making. I'm thankful for a bunch of friends that has made this journey so enjoyable. Hope everyone involved enjoyed the ride as much as I did.

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Jason aka Wei Ken said...

sorry i took so long to comment, i rarely read blogs anymore..

but yes, it was indeed a real real blast acting as Wei Ken..i cant say much about our shooting, coz this IS my first time as well, so, not so sure how efficient shootings are supposed to be, but nevertheless, a real blast working with everyone!

thinking back, i feel rather priviledge to be able to act for such a talent as yourself..

cheers yo!