Friday, January 12, 2007

Day 3

I've finally completed my post on Christmas... Feels a bit messy around here, because right now I'm going to write about something that happened 2 weeks before Christmas. And I plan the next post to be about the last weekend of the year... And then I'll continue to be writing about the movie... If you do get confused, just click on the labels at the sidebar. Oh, there're video links there too. Hope you'd enjoy and get a taste of the movie making process...

Day 3 didn't start off well for me. There was this scene which we were extremely excited about. It would be the perfect beginning to the story of Will & Wei. It would depict the young William & Wei Ken and how they faired in kindergarten - the beginning from their friendship. It was suppose to serve as a great indicator of their relationship.

But it was not to be, for us. One of the child actors backed off & refused to take part in the shooting. Furthermore, the noise in that place was not suitable for shooting at all - bad management on my part. It was really hard to chew. I remembered the time where the initial planning group actually talked about this scene & how their faces lit up... It was suppose to be awesome. I wonder if they would be as frustrated as I was if they had to face it head on.

For the next hour or so I was absolutely blank. Everything just stopped. I felt disappointed. I wanted to just go home & sleep, but I had to get myself together quickly - we had another scene to take & I was suppose to preach in youth service the very same day. I couldn't pick myself up in time, so I had to ask Jason to help me coordinate the shoot. He agreed to help without asking any questions, and that really comforted me. The scene was well done, thanks to Jason & the participation of the youth. I would then proceed later to preach about how life can be frustrating, and how easy it is to just throw in the towel & give up doing the things that are right, true, just, and necessary. I talked about how amazing it is, that in spite of all the pain, the passion of Jesus took Him to the cross & how that perseverance has given us so many good things. 2 of those things I was exceptionally thankful that day were HOPE & FAMILY.

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