Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Day 4

Day 4 was a Wednesday evening... Initially, these scenes were suppose to be taken on a Sunday afternoon, December 9th. Unfortunately Alina slept in (she forgot about the whole thing), hence the re-scheduling. She was very apologetic about it, and she promised to make it for the next one. With our weekends all taken, I had to use a weekday, and was pleased that both Alina & Jason made it.

So we met in church at 6.30pm. May bought food for everyone, so we decided to eat first, lest we get distracted by hunger. Again, the conversation was enjoyable, so much so I forgot that we were suppose to be shooting 4 scenes within an hour.

These 4 scenes are gists of an interview between Alina & this new young author, Tang Wei Ken, who have just written the book - Where There's Will, There's Wei - which is the title of our movie. These scenes serve mainly as guides to the story of Will & Wei, and to some they're like breathers in the movie. In fact, our movie starts off with Alina introducing the book & its author.

Jason & Alina had a lot of fun doing these scenes. We used the white screen as our backdrop, and since there was only 1 white screen(and 1 camera), we had to do every scene twice. Either of them memorized the script, so they had to keep on checking their lines. Alina was first up, so she made a lot of mistakes & Jason kept laughing at her (blooper video).

There's this likelihood that we won't use these scenes in our remake of the movie. Personally I would want to let the story speak for itself. Would love to put in more scenes, and that does not necessarily mean more dialogue...

Alina is one of our best actresses. But even though I always consider her in every project of mine, I only recall working with Alina once before. The title of the play was Retune, and it's demand was extremely good. We performed in 3 times, I think, one of it we did for 600 people, and they clapped after every scene. But that's another story... It was rather 'last-minute' when I smsed her & requested that she played the role, so I'm grateful that she accepted the job...

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