Tuesday, May 03, 2005

And still I go

Have you ever gone through an entire day giving your all and doing your best, then to realize at the end of it all that your all and your best still wasn’t good enough?

I just had one of those days during the weekend… disappointed with myself, yet filled with hope. I haven’t reached my full potential, which means that my best is yet to come. Yes, there are greater things installed for me. Greater challenges, greater victories, greater joy!! But I can’t do it on my own; I must depend on a greater strength. And thank God I have the best resource anyone can get hold of.

I think I pity those who believe that they’re all right – nothing more to improve, no room left for advancement, nothing to look forward to… They are constantly frustrated by others’ inability to meet their expectations. And because there’s nothing left that they can do better at, they’ll have to wait for others to be better, work on their effectiveness and efficiency… oh, what a wait that’s going to be!! How lonely must that be…

Want to also thank God for providing me the things I need to continue running with the dream He gave to me. He’s just so awesome, so faithful!! I said a prayer, asking God to get someone to give me a computer before the end of last week. I would be buying one on my own if my prayer weren’t answered. But hey, my prayer has been answered!!

I guess the weekend wasn’t bad after all. I’ve learned that I have

  • Grown, but still have areas in my life I need to work on.
  • Friends that are honest enough to tell me my flaws; yet still loving enough to help me through with their encouragement and support.
  • Greater heights to reach!!
  • A gift that will help me run better
  • People who actually read my blog (Hard to believe)
  • Inspired others to run with their God-given dreams (Incomprehensible)
  • A fresh hope and a renewed vision.
  • JOY

My God is big, strong and mighty. He is good. There’s none that can compare to Him. And I’m running with the dream He gave me – a God-given dream.


Anonymous said...

so..u really got a computer!? thank God for answered ur prayer..He is really good,huh?...

Continue to be on fire for Him..Only for Jesus...


Anonymous said...

Well, life is full of ups n downs but the beauty of it is being able to discover the root cause of things that happened, identify solutions and draw strength from someone Higher to go through it. His reservoir never dries up but we must be willing to learn n change.

Congrats for getting a new computer, so that means we get better "writings", haha..

Luke Chan said...

Yep!, it's so true that when one thinks that their world will be a better place when someone else other than themselve makes the change. And the futility, frustration of the long lonely wait for others to change.God is so good to you.

Gina said...

Hey, thanks for the comments regarding my blog. For some reason, they didn't show up on the blog themself but I did receive them in my e-mail. Maybe they'll show up later, who knows. I think it's really cool that someone from Malaysia read my blog. I love being a dorky blogger. I love your thoughts. Real and honest. Keep up the blogging, I'll check in from time to time. Thanks for the great comments you left. Very encouraging.

Cher-Rin said...

Just knew tht you have a blog n thus drop by to see how you're going.. never get to know you well in primary.. didnt know that you're such a intimate person.. i can feel the warmth and passion for life in your words.. keep it up, friend..