Saturday, May 28, 2005

Experimental Grounds

Here I am again, sitting in front of my office computer after unnecessarily staying awake till 4.30am… that’s another sad story altogether. I prefer writing about the positive points of the night.

We had sort of an alternative service last night. And the theme was Experimental Grounds :: The Art of the Heart. Basically we could express our worship in any way possible tonight. As long as it glorifies God – isn’t that what our lives are made for anyway? The form of delivery doesn’t matter as much as the heart condition of the worshipper. It never does.

So there we were – being faithful with whatever God-given gifts that we are aware of. Some wrote, some drew, some cooked -- all worshipped. It was one of the most beautiful worship services I’ve seen. Everyone had a chance to explain their heart while others admire the works of God in their lives. Some shared about the changes Jesus brought into their lives, few shared about their current struggles and hope… some made a prayer with a song, some preached through pictures – all worshipped.

So great to see young people stepping out of their comfort zones and make a move of faith. The atmosphere of edification and love created wider space for the worshipper to express himself. It was just beautiful to see people coming alive and starting to run with God-given dreams. Yes, some are still uncertain and doubtful, but they just LOVED Him. Sometimes, that’s all we need.

Should be installing my computer tomorrow. This runner is getting greater efficiency and shall produce greater results for the Dream-Giver

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Anonymous said...

The night was really great..every one bring out their worship in different way..i cant believe they really can express the love of Christ through so many way..some of them were really creative..

Glory unto Jesus..