Friday, May 27, 2005

This Altar

This is a song I wrote. The content is based on the poem I posted not too long ago... Just changed some words and put melody into it... Will be presenting this song tonight in church - our youth will be having an event called "Experimental Grounds: The Art of Your Heart"... Will inform you readers more about it after the night fades and my brain freezes...

This Altar

Could I ever live
To walk the way that you did
Would my strength carry my feet
In this journey of the meek

Give me more of You
Lord, You must increase
I’ll carry my own cross
For You, I shall live

To walk the way You did
Choose the path You’ll lead
I can’t make it on my own

Send Your fire
Consume my desires
I just want to live for You
Send Your fire
My life’s on this altar
Won’t be send Your fire

Lord, receive this offering
Won’t You please let me free
Let me die on this altar
That in You, I may live

This altar’s for You
This offering’s to You…

Ó2005 Joash Chan

...Now, if only I can add audio to this...

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Luke Chan said...

I hope that you guys are recording it.