Saturday, April 30, 2005

You Choose

People are so easily distracted these days, so unaware about God, what He wants and all that. Trends, colour, moods, emotions, peers drive them... there’s entertainment all around us, all the time!! We forget about everything, not a worry in the world… until silence comes upon us. After all the hype, excitement, fun, busyness… When there’s nothing left to be done, what is there to live for?

Many go through life without knowing their true purpose on earth and God, our Creator – the only guy that truly knows why we exist on this earth. Some don’t even believe that there’s a God. Some believe in fate, the “whatever-will-be-will-be” mindset. __“I’ll just go ahead with whatever I want to do, and let fate decide what comes out of my life”__ Many tend to think that way, but I don't. I mean, doesn’t sound like merely surviving what “fate” has destined? __“Oh, it’s all decided, I’m just fitting in” __ doesn’t it seem like we’re just puppets?

Or is it man’s reason to avoid responsibility and accountability for his own actions? __ “Don’t blame me for doing this to you. It’s fate that has forced me to come to this point”__ Man has been doing things without knowing God's will. But when they fall, stumble, and get hurt, they blame the “Power on high”… Is that true? Is everything happening around us God's will? CERTAINLY NOT!!

I believe in a God that has created everyone on this earth. Every individual is unique and special in His eyes. He has a plan and purpose for His creations, but He gives us something called "freewill"!! WHY? Because He loves us!! He doesn’t force us to do things His way, but gives us time and space to decide and choose. Now that’s GRACE!! AMAZING GRACE (I’ll talk about it more some other time)

With freedom comes responsibility and accountability. You can choose to know God and what He wants of you (God’s will), but ultimately YOU have the right to choose between obedience and rebellion, His way or your way (freewill). You make the choice; you bear the consequences, good and bad. In the end, every man has to be accountable for his own actions.

p.s As you read this blog, I pray that you’ll search your own heart. Try not to think about the things that you can’t control – others’ actions. If everyone blames every other everyone, no one will change. Let the change start with you and me.


Hannah said...

hi, it's nice to know that someone still cares wat happens in this really crazy world..
anyway thx... very encouraging
take care. God b with u

Anonymous said...

Yo bro, yr ability to discover yrself to this level is truly "scary", man!!. Trust me, there will be much more "learning/s" from God.... been there..oops am I giving myself away??!