Tuesday, December 04, 2007

The Piano & I

Last Saturday I fulfilled 1 of my tiny dreams of playing the piano & singing for a wedding ceremony. It's so interesting how God remembers the little things we ask, things that 'age' and 'maturity' brushed aside as insignificant & unnecessary. Well now I'm beginning to see this Dream-Giver also as the Dream-Fulfiller. And being that loving Father that He is, He rejoices to see us trusting in His beautiful timing & miraculous ways of making our dreams come true. I love how He remembers our dreams & our desires.

2 calls came in recently. 1 call was from YAM asking me to create their HUGE camp session videos yet again (view an example here). It was rather late, but nice nonetheless. I think YAM has a vision & direction for the youths of Malaysia, so it's a joy to serve them in that manner. The other call, that came in only today, was a very significant one. I can't say much about this yet, but it's pretty massive & I'm really excited about the project. I'm confident that I'll do well & impress. Hopefully I'll impress enough to be participanting in this project for the long term. But in the meantime, I'm just enjoying God's favour upon my life & will continue to trust that He really likes me & wants to make my every dream come true.

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j4s0nk4ng said...

Participanting???..hahaha..joining me in creating new words?..sweet!