Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Joy of Christmas: Log 1

It feels like it's been a long time since TOUCH has attempted a skit. We're making a comeback this year, and I see that we're breaking new grounds. This time around Ken Chung is leading a team of 7 writers to produce a story of 3 friends, who seemed to have forgotten the true meaning & joy of Christmas. I'm helping out with the script, the videos & will oversee the practices, supporting Ken Chung in his first attempt at directing. May on other hand will be helping Jacklyn with props. But more significantly, she'll be assisting Rachel in creating a whole new element to our skit. It's exciting, nerve-wrecking & worrying at the same time, but we believe it's a risk worth taking.

Most of the script has been concluded (just a few hours ago), and tomorrow we'll be having our first practice. It'll be interesting to work with the 3 main character, all of whom will be performing a lead role for the very first time. Can't wait.

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