Thursday, March 02, 2006

VC_Teaser 1 - TOUCH?

This is the first teaser we created in the build-up to our main event, VisionCast 2005. I got this idea from Jason, who shared his experience with our youth ministry's logo when he was younger.

Jason, blur dude
Caleb, the "ghost"
Allyssa, the passserby


Cely said...

Hahhaa. that's very funny.. Jason indeed very blur.. kakaka

j4s0n said...

hey hey..jason very blur??


angeliCassie said...

hey.nice video..can't wait to find out what Touch is all about...and Jason is still the funny as always =)

Su Ann said...

Hello, commenting on ur page ^^..its quite hi-tech now with the youtube feature and the html coding. I dunno how 2 comment lah...but nice blog and keep it up with the encouraging messages =p

So I Go said...

great stuff..very creative. and love your new template too (just wanted to throw my vote in :-)