Monday, February 27, 2006

Vision Cast 2005 - Answer the Call

Vision Cast 2006 is coming this April. And once again I'll be doing a video. It's been a long time since I've done any video-recording and editting, so I decided to look back at the video of Vision Cast 2005. It wasn't as bad as I first published and screened it for an audience, it was WORSE. Haha... Well, there is always room for improvement. The only part I think is worth publishing on the web for the viewing of MILLIONS and MILLIONS of readers of my blog (HA!).

I'll also be showing you the teasers leading up to Vision Cast 2005. I haven't seen those videos this year, but there were pretty entertaining last year. You would probably find it cheesy (I've been taught that cheesy is a polite replacement word for "Lame"), because it's more of an inside joke.

Ah... The memories.... Always remind me of the purpose of running this God-given dream.

p.s For best viewing, click "play" and then "pause". When the grey line is full, that means that the loading is complete. Click "Play" again and you shouldn't face any trouble while watching the video.

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