Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Missing Rabeeka

Rabeeka has become a very close friend to May & I. She will be leaving for National Service tonight & it's extremely heartbreaking, knowing that we won't be sensing her presence for the next 3 months.

I met her on Saturday styling a brand new (accidental) hairdo. But she looks as lovely as ever, doesn't she? Gosh I think I need a haircut too. And a new face & body. Maybe get a life too...

Will be missing you greatly, Rabeeka!! Will be praying for your safety & welfare as you have a blast in Sabah. Hope you'll find direction & purpose too.


j4s0nk4ng said...

Ooo..Sabah eh?..
Well, i bet she's gonna have a great time there!

Lemuel Yee Ngan Foong said...

In Sabah? David Yeoh also going there, some place called "Sipidan" or something like that... same camp? Support for each other would be good for them.

P/S: Jason! win London for Jesus... Joash and I will settle Segambut. =)