Sunday, March 16, 2008

How was worship?!

"How was worship today?"

Worship is not meant for us. It's meant for God. Hello?? Wake up!! It doesn't matter what we think of the musicians & singers' performance or skill; what matters is that we worship God in spirit & in truth. If you're talking about the music or the songleader's leading, be more specific. Be careful that you don't limit WORSHIP to music & song.

In spirit & in truth - that means worship is not the singing session of Sunday service, nor is it the slow songs. It's pouring devotion unto God, in all areas of our lives - work, serving, giving, playing, etc.

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j4s0nk4ng said...

Well said bro..well said..
man, i miss having our usual conversations just about stuff like this..

Hey, i just got asked to lead cell group next next week..i'm pumped!
havent thought about what to say..