Saturday, September 22, 2007

Thursday: New Drum Set

15 years and more, our church drum set has surpassed the services of Andy & Gabriel. On Thursday, Caleb, our current drummer, was taken out for a real treat - to buy a brand new drumset.

I think the new drum set would set off a big buzz in our church, even though this is only 1 step out of a series of events that is & will be taking place. The new drum set would be the most shiny piece of equipment up on stage, which now has a new arrangement to create the optimum sound. And these are only the things that people see when they step into the church. There are still many more movements in the backgrounds.

Personally it's helping me to take myself more seriously: the vision I have for the youth, the goals that we set together. I mean, things are being done to ensure that we have the space & capacity to run with these dreams that God has given, so I've got to prepare myself for the marathon ahead. I believe the beginning stages would require a lot of getting-out-of-the-box initiatives, but once we gain momentum, we're really gonna enjoy this run - especially when we run together. And oh, we might get a new drummer too... How about that?

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