Thursday, September 27, 2007

Friday: Ken Returns

Was fortunate enough to get in touch with Ken Chung the moment he arrived home. We met up with him after our cell meeting (which was a really good one). 4 months away in US, working as a lifeguard, Ken Chung looks entire different. But he was still as wacky as before, as he shared his experiences in the US with my cell group.

Good to have you back, Ken!! Looking forward to many adventures ahead!!



omg i see Brian Ong!!!
really!! its brian ong!!!
i know brian ong!!!!
its a small small world!!!!

j4s0nk4ng said...

omg i see brian ong too!!
ahh!!..small world!..
(hehe, dun mind the stale humour)

man, i hear he lost alot of weight, and is very tan and all..haha..i cant really see in the pictures tho..i wana see..i wana see!!