Thursday, September 13, 2007

This Is For Jason

On 9/11, the world remembers the tragedy that befell US 6 years ago. But my desktop calendar reminded of the fact that Jason was on his way to London... He got a scholarship from Astro, and he will be spending the next 3 years in London, studying graphic designs or something like that.

He has been a blessing to me & our youth ministry over the many years, but I really want to appreciate him for 2 things: 1, his involvement in my first movie & 2, for leading the Subang youth cell. Of the many dreams I have, I'm so glad to have him be involved in the 1 dream I managed to fulfill - making my first movie. It was a blast. And God used him (and Jacklyn) to impact great things into the Subang youth cell. Now that Benjamin (thank you for training him) is carrying the torch, I believe Subang youth cell will be moving further onwards.

Here are Jason's parting words for TOUCH:

p.s: Jason, don't worry. You won't be sorely missed. We all carry some part of you in us. Plus, Ken Chung's coming back soon =)

p.s: We visited Jason the night before he left for London. View the video here.

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