Wednesday, July 11, 2007

WPC 07/07/07

Shekinah Youth Inferno came to town last weekend, and they were touched by the Weekend Pictionary Club (WPC).

I was busy playing futsal with the guys, so Phoebe taught them how to play the best board game in the world. And it was through there I found out why it took the PKs 4 HOURS to finish 1 game of pictionary. I think my WPC will produce an official video guide on the way the game is supposed to be played. Anyhow, I believe they thoroughly enjoyed the game.

That Saturday night, WPC headed back to base. This time we had Josephine playing with us for the first time.

Round 1: Rabeekah teamed up with Josephine to compete with Justin and I.

Judging from both pictures of Rabeekah, I think she missed my partnership. Good thing we weren't separated for long...

Round 2: Jacklyn & Justin versus Rabeekah & I.

Jacklyn came in in replacement of Josephine & decided to partner with Justin. And even though we were on the same team, Rabeekah & I had a really tough time. Justin in particular improved immensedly that night. The following picture depicts the drama:

(picture cropped out from the first picture above.)

Anyway, notice the positions of both teams on the board? Rabeekah & I were the yellow piece. But we fought back strong & cause the opposition to panic...

My team emerged out of the intense drama as winners!!

that's how intense it was!!

*sing* I... had Pictionary in my house,
Never knew it could be so fun...
Why did it take me so long just to find
A friend that was there all along... *trumpet rift*
*change song* Friend Forever.... *end with guitar strum*


nothing of interest here said...

heyyy, my youth is featured on this! *beams with all-beamable pride* strange how i dont even remember my hair being in my face. LOL great shot, joash. *sheepish*

but bless-your-heart, thanks for bringing PICTIONARY! my girls loved it. let's try do this again.

Iruini said...

Hey! it's me Ariel...hahahaha
Yes they did have a fun time playing pictionary...if u want to come to my blog u can straight go to or go to alfaexpressions and click on my name at the links...
I wonder how did you know...Ming Yan