Saturday, July 28, 2007

Philippines: Log Entry 1

The Philippines trip so far as been a wonderful experience for me. We spent most of day 1 travelling - car, plane, and van. The road trip wasn't that pleasant, but flying was very rewarding - it was my first time looking at the sky from so high... Naturally I took lots of video and pictures.

Almost as beautiful is Baguio. Almost everywhere we've turned there's a picture perfect moment. According to Lemuel, we still have much to explore, and we'll have till Wednesday (01/08) to do just that.

Apart from trashing Lemuel & Samuel in Winning Eleven, the highlights for me are the food here & the new friends we have got to know & enjoy. Last night we were treated to awesome Korean dinner, where we got to know several friends from Thailand, & this morning we met up with the Baguio AG pastor over a Philippino breakfast. So far everyone has been so warm & helpful.

Haha, purposely took this shot... like a private investigator...

Another first time experience for everyone is the prison ministry. It's really one of a kind. This is their weekly service (3.30pm - 4.30pm) & we were fortunate to participate and minister to them. Brother Jim shared his testimony & my dad spoke of the story of Prodigal Son. Personally I was very inspired by both their sharings. And judging by the prisoners' response, they too were touched by that message of HOPE, something I initially thought was impossible. But Father God did His magic and made us look good in the process. It was a great honour to be a participant in His work.


Ken Chung said...

dude.. no wonder din mail me liao la.. u so bz.. eh, i wana join the WPC oso.. wait i come back!!

nothing of interest here said...

dude, your ministry trail is awesome. get on with log 2!