Friday, June 01, 2007

PK Retreat 2007

PK stands for Pastors' Kids, and that's what I am. And I feel extremely honoured to be part of this special group of people. We gathered from all over the country & had a great time of refreshing. Got to meet some old faces & though I'm meeting most of them for the first time, we connected immediately. All of us are in similiar circumstances, so we could let our guard down & just be ourselves for at least 4 days.

I consider myself as part of the older generation of PKs, so I wanted to be a positive influence in the camp. I didn't exactly jump upon the opportunity to perform the first ice-breaker of the camp, but I chose not to pull out even though there was someone else more ready than I was. The game wasn't suitable for such a big group, and I think most of the people were bored. But my objective was to get myself out there & be known, and I guess I did that.

Also had an opportunity to songlead in one of the sessions, but I passed it to Phoebe & she raised the bar for everyone. The spontaneously-formed band didn't really gel at the beginning, but they were determined in practice and the end-result was just awesome. All their hard work paid off. The band did well, the 3 back-ups singers were simply beautiful to watch & listen. Kudos to all of them.

I brought my PC & video camera, initially wanting to complete my ExG 4 piece with some spare time. But I was given the privilege to document the entire PK Retreat & make a video of highlights for the combine-service on the last morning. I have more footage & will be making more videos soon. Then of course there were the Winning-11 addicts (Levi, Lemuel, Alwin, Michael, Joshua & Kenrick!!) who also occupied the PC. But it all turned out well lah. I enjoyed playing Winning-11 with the guys, & it was nice to have Michel & Andrea to give feedback as I editted the video.

Another goal of mine in the PK Retreat is to get people hooked on PICTIONARY!! My success was evident when I found more than 20 people (segregated into 4 teams) sitting at the main entrance of the hotel playing the WHOLE NIGHT (1am - 5am). For the highlights video I had to ask people for "1 word to describe the retreat" and there were actually some who said "PICTIONARY!!" HAHA... I LOVE IT!!

2 days of football were awesome as well. This is the only time I spent with the adults. 1st day it was a mixture & the 2nd game was a match between the fathers & the sons. On both occasions I had to play centre back, take (& score) penalties, played extremely well (on my personal account), and ended up on the losing side. But it was a lot of fun, & scoring a goal from a free kick is something I'll remember for a long time.

The final night was the best session of all. We were gathered in various groups & we got to know everyone's name. Then there was a great flow of the Spirit, with many people contributing to that flow. I was truly motivated by those who came out & make declarations on behalf of our families - they were bold, inspired, motivated. All the more I felt extremely honoured to be part of this special group of people. I can't wait to gather with them again.



l said...

i enjoyed reading this post. it gives me insight into who you are.

Dave Richards said...

This was really nice to read...thanks for this wonderful post...will surely come back for some more interesting posts!!!

desiree said...

omg. i saw pictionary in the post below! i miss playing that stuff.

nothing of interest here said...

'twas awesome. hope to be a part of more thrilling experiences in near retreats! 'twas great meeting you too , joash. haha and thanks for the opportunity. though i'm sure you would've done just as great, or BETTER even. *chuckles*

sigh. pictionary. you still owe me a round. NO, that night-to-dawn session did not count.

Michel said...

yeah pk retreat rocked ;) hung over it..nice meetin ya miss ya..

Joash Chan said...

I: good to know, good to know...

Dave Richards: Wow, thanks for dropping by.

Desiree: We somehow can't get the momentum going everytime we play. Hope to try again with you all.

Nothing of interest here: If you end up in KL, we'll do it as often as we can, alright?

Michel: I wished the camp never ended.

Tryphena said...

Hey Joash!
Enjoyed reading your blog!
Eventhough I didn't get to spend time like the other pks did, hehe I have my way around it. Doesn't have to be in big groups hehe....
Meeting a matured person like you was a breath of fresh air for me. Being also one of the older pks...:) take care and keep those ideas rolling...would love to see your end result of the movie you're making :)