Monday, July 30, 2007

Philippines: Log Entry 2

It sure feels odd not being in FCC on Sunday morning. I really miss my family back in KL. But being in Baguio AG is a breath of fresh air. The music team was led by their youth pastor, Pastor Brian. They had a violinist too!! Gosh I absolutely love that. And it's true what's been said - Phillipinos can really sing. I was rather embarassed when I sang & played the keyboard, assisting my dad in his message.

Besides getting to know Pastor Brian, (who happens to be a really hardworking youth pastor and a fellow PK!!) who is such an inspiration, I really had fun getting to know Pastor Dennis. I like that guy. First impression was that his face can't stop smiling... Or maybe he was just being apologetic because he made 5 of us squeeze into the backseat of the car. Even though he's 32, he's really young at heart. I was learning a phrase in Tagalog & had fun with it a bit - he laughed hard & said "You rock!!". WOW, no one his age says that kind of thing!! Not in Malaysia. Someone says 'you rock' and laughs at your jokes? You got to love that guy. And there's also another thing about him that would make the guys back in KL like him....

SpongeBob Squarepants!!

Another highlight of the day would be our shopping at SM Shopping Complex. I only like shopping when I have something I want or need to buy. But firearms are easily accessible in the Phillipines, so we went to a shop where the salesperson was nice enough to let us hold the guns even though it's obvious we weren't going to buy it. It was another one of a kind experience.

Samuel, Lemuel & myself had some encounters that are both funny and embarassing at the same time. I took out a T-shirt to show Lemuel, I thought he might want to buy it. As soon as I lifted it up, the salesgirl immediately went "Oh we have larger size"... That's my sad encounter. Then Lemuel had a weird argument with another salesgirl as Lemuel claimed that she said he's hot. Haha... Who would you believe?

Samuel's encounter was at a shop where they sold funny spoof T-shirts. He finally chose one & asked the lady what size he should get.

Sam: What's my size?

Lady: Large.

Sam: You mean that I'm large?

Lady: No no!! It's not you, it's your size!! You're not
large, your size is large...

By the way, this is the T-shirt that Samuel bought...

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