Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Philippines: Log Entry 3

Things have slowed down since Uncle Jim & Aunty Lai Lee flew back to Malaysia on Monday. We tried many different types of food, took many beautiful pictures, & did a whole lot of shopping. All these things are possible because of Pastor Tham Wan & Moon Tee's hospitality. They are really something different - totally raised the standards for being a host.

Our great hosts.

APTS, the place we've been staying for the past 6 days.

The APTS compound is a very beautiful place. Samuel, Lemuel, & myself got to play some futsal & basketball here. Oh ya, they have this really steep slope we had to climb too. And it was to our benefit, considering the amount of rice we consumed over here. We attended APTS's morning chapel services. It's a very light & easy service, with pretty good music & much laughter. Here, we met with many different personalities from various Asian countries & enjoyed their fellowship. We have been blessed indeed.

After Tuesday morning's chapel service, we went to a Muslim kindergarten, managed by a Christian worker - now that's something mind-boggling. The children were not intimidated by our presence at all, in fact they were having lots of fun. We asked a boy what's his name & throughout our entire visit, he kept saying "What's your name?". Haha. My dad sang & danced, some of kids followed & had a blast. Their laughter was such a joy to hear. When we left, the children said "Byebye, Guapo", meaning "Byebye, handsome"... I believe they were referring to Lemuel & Samuel.

Tomorrow morning (02/08), we will be leaving Baguio City at 3am to catch a bus down to Manila, where the second part of our mission trip will begin. I don't know if we will be able to access internet anymore. Hopefully there will be some time to get online to contact loved ones & keep everyone in Malaysia updated on our journey. 1 thing for sure is that our flight back to KL will be on 10 August, 11.45am. Please continually pray for our healths & our ministry here. Thank you very much.

Goodbye, Baguio.


Ken said...

dude, your ministry trail is awesome. get on with log 4!

Su Ann said...

Hey Joash!
this is all so inspiring! Good to see the you reaching out the nations (:
send my regards to your father..
take care!
<3 Ann

Su Ann said...

err meant to read "good to see you reaching out to the nations"
sry. heh

suejan said...

hellos. found your blog by accident. 0.o sue jan here. as in yeong. from tod. hahha =)

Joash Chan said...

Ken: Be patient!!

Su Ann: It was a blast...

Sue Jan: I know who you are lah...