Friday, June 08, 2007

Youth Service Number 7

Yes my friends. We are gathering again. One generation, one church, one service, one and a half hours. Oh, and we have prayer meeting at 5pm. Samuel & Daniel will lead us to pray. And for the first time ever, Lemuel Yee will be preaching. He's a BCM student, so you better make sure you bring your bibles to service. =)

If you have never attended our youth services since April, I urge you to come. I assure you that if you open your heart & eyes, God will plant something in you that would help you in your journey. If you need transport to come, please call your cell leader & arrange lah.

Your cell leader will help you solve your problem with much calmness.

So there's no excuse. Stop sitting on your bums and get moving!!
And stop sitting on someone else's bum too

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Jason said...

lol, this is a good post man..
i like the one "stop sitting on someone else's bum too"..haha

its good to see you're so active here..good on you..cheers