Friday, June 15, 2007

Recap: Youth Service Number 7

I sensed something different about youth service right from the prayer meeting onwards. Something good was going on. And it was only going to get better.

I've said it before. The growth and progress of TOUCH is very much dependant on the growth of individuals. And this day everyone chipped in.

Singing led by Ben...

Lemuel used Acts 2:42-47 to interact with us.

The group discussion...

I saw much growth in many people that day. And after the 7th youth service ever, I believe TOUCH is ready for a next step. Something good is going on. And it's going to get better.

Come, fill this place.

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Tryphena said...

Hey, glad to know the youth service went well for you and your youths!
May the Lord continue bless you guys!