Monday, June 04, 2007

ExG 4

There wasn't as many contributions as we first began this movement of gathering like-minded youths explore their gifts & talents, but it was a great night. The only thing unfortunate about the entire event was that there weren't any still-picture cameraman present that night.

Groundbreaking is how I'll describe the night. We first saw Rabeekah coming out of her shell to be co-MC with Daniel; Deanna & Benjamin, working together for the first time, showcased their violins; the girls (teenagers & 20-somethings) did a hip-hop dance, which was interesting; Joseph & Esther co-wrote & sang a duet, which was totally awesome; Justin & Daniel read their cool poems; and Ken Chung surprised us all with an art piece.

Then there were those of us who decided to stick to what we know - Jean used cartoon characters to present a message; Su Mei, although not present on the night, gave a touching poem as encouragement to all; Rachael helped out with the food (burgers were great!!); and I stuck to do yet another video.

I remember the time when I did the whole spinning thing in church (you'll have to have seen the video to know what I'm talking about), people were looking at me weird & someone even said it was lame. But it turned out pretty nice in the video & people acknowledged that. Goes to show that when you're working based on your vision of a full picture, there's bound to be criticism by those those who have not seen... Press on, persevere, do it - in His time, everything turns out beautiful.

I'm sorry if I've not mentioned your ExG 4 in this post - I only wrote down whatever I can recall from my memory. I'm sure the ExG 4 video I'll come up with will justify all your contributions. I'm so proud of everyone involved. & I'm sure the next one will be even more amazing.

A big shout out must be given to Joseph Teng, the owner of ExG, who absolutely took ownership of the event & led extremely well.

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