Friday, April 27, 2007

3rd Youth Service Ever

After a week's break, the youth service is back on this Saturday. And just in case you were finding an excuse to come, be assured that it is not Joash sharing again (even I get bored of myself).

Who will be that blurred figure up there tomorrow?

There was no video footage or photos taken for our second youth service. And after having both of that for our first ever youth service (here and here), I feel that we should document all our youth services. What do you think, guys? Josephine, Jason and Caleb, bring your cameras. I'm bringing my video camera and Joe will bring his laptop so that we can capture the video directly. If we had internet access in church, we could have LIVE FEED!! Now wouldn't that be cool?

Event: Third Youth Service Ever
Date: 28 April, 2007

Prayer at 5pm, led by Justin Kang & Jason Kang.
Song Leader: Jacklyn Kang
Speaker: **someone very special.

Come lah, why don't come?

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