Thursday, May 03, 2007

Why People Leave?

People leave for opportunity to serve elsewhere.

How do you feel when someone leaves your church for another because they are able to serve there - a place where they are needed, a place where they feel appreciated. How does it make you feel?

Let's face it: Most of the time, the church (maybe just my church) over-rely on certain individuals. It's the safe route, a comfortable arrangement. They know the job, and they do a fairly good job on a consistent basis. And unless and until someone bursts out in tears & begin to prophesy, you won't be seeing a new person in charge of a prayer meeting session anytime soon. We need people to stand out, perform someone amazing or heroic before we take notice of them. And most people don't stand out.

Maybe that is why we find that a great percentage of individuals in church don't serve in any ministry whatsoever - we don't take time to know a person, to find that gem, to spot the potential in the people that faithfully come every Sunday. Sure, the problem is partly due to people not knowing their gifts, people not knowing how to ask, how to offer to help... People perish due to lack of knowledge, so it is the responsibility of teachers, pastors, and leaders to EDUCATE - we need to educate the church about knowing their role in the body of Christ. Then we need to teach & emphasize that no ministry is greater than another.

Expressed appreciation is another element that is missing in many Christians' lives. Those who serve are already feeling under-appreciated, under-valued, underminded - what about those who don't serve anyhow? You see them every Sunday sitting at that familiar spot without fail. What does it take for them to be appreciated around here? Can't people be loved, cherished, and valued for just being themselves? It's not entirely right, but isn't one of the greatest motivating factors to serve in church is because people want to be appreciated?


Lemuel said...

an entry worth responding to...

Question is: "who ARE we serving?" if we get this right the rest should fall into place. If we serve so that we can feel appreciated then we will never see our rewards in heaven as our heaven would be the appreciation we already received. But if we serve God, not wanting anything in return then our rewards will be eternal.

For some God gave musical talents (this is perhaps the most evident one!), some talented in preaching, or any others that u might think of

BUT have u considered that some are gifted in making money? Their calling in life would be to make $h!tloads of $$$$$ and tithe to the church so that the church can operate. How about someone who was gifted as a home maker, this person would build strong families that will, ultimately, build a strong church. I believe ALL are gifted in their own ways. We have to encourage them to fulfill THEIR calling and potential.... NOT make them all into clones who worship lead, play guitar, and preach. In fact, there can only be one worship leader, one preacher. However, there will be many more who are needed in order for the church to function properly as a body.

So what is YOUR area of giftings. In the words of Uncle Ben (Spiderman's uncle): "with great power comes great responsibilities." But if it is a seemingly small gifting, do not belittle it as you might very well be the one holding the church together. Whatever God has called you to it is for you to discover and fulfill.

Morna said...

This is great info to know.