Friday, October 20, 2006

Today I turn 22...

and I'm struggling for words... Birthdays can be very depressing. Another year has passed and I don't know if I have done anything at all in this dream-fulfilling journey of mine.

Perhaps it's because I'm beginning to see the path clearer now and there's still so many things to be done!! Short term goals & projects are serving as stepping stones, training ground & a good roadmap. Currently I am at a crossroad. I've been offered a career opportunity of a lifetime. Yet at the same time I have a brilliant business idea - the chance to earn money while doing something I absolutely love for a great cause. Talked with dad about it last night & he (indirectly) said that I lack discipline to work as my own boss. And he is right. I have to start being discipline. I have a lot on my shoulders & I don't want to disappoint the people that trust me.

PEOPLE... So many people. I want to impact their lives - my colleagues, the businessmen I meet everyday, waiters, train passangers, friends, old schoolmates, long lost friends, residents of Jalan Ipoh. I want the sisters to know that perfect love is found in God. I want the brothers to know that friendship is a precious thing. I want young people to know that their lives are meant for so much more. I want them to be people of HOPE, people of FAITH, and people of LOVE. I want the world to know that when they put their hope in Jesus, they can describe their lives as ABUNDANT, FULL, LIVELY, not mundane, or boring.

I want my parents to know that I love them very much & I appreaciate everything they do for me. I want to thank them for providing me with a place I can call HOME & for allowing May to feel the same way. I want my brother Emmanuel to know that I admire his many good qualities, especially his ability to capture an audience. I want May to know that I love her & I pray that I'll be able to be her best friend & a good role model always. I want Michael Chow to know that I miss him dearly wherever he is. I want the youth leaders who have been working with me for the past 5 years to know that I'm sorry that I didn't lead them well enough & that their potentials are limitless. To TOUCH and all the young people in FCC, I desire to inspire them to live a life of GREATNESS by achieving the dreams I have set out for.

Other special shout outs for :-

  • Alina Ong - my dad prayed Psalm 20 over me this morning. It's for you too. Happy Birthday.
  • Chong Soo Fen & Samuel Tan - you have shaped my life, more than you know.
  • Lemuel Yee - thank you for your friendship. With you I can be myself. You are thought-provoking & inspiring.
  • Ming Yan - I didn't know what to expect with you. But I'm glad we're friends.
  • Mike Ng - You're simply an amazing guy & friend.
  • Famous people who don't know me (yet) - Amanda Congdon, David Letterman, Kenny Sia, David Tao - you make me believe that dreams can come true.


munak said...

happy belated birthday :D thanks for dropping by my blog

tzewa said...

happy belated birthday joash!! :)