Tuesday, October 03, 2006

A Sunday Morning Of A Different Sort

My usual Sunday would be going to church at 9am in the morning & attending prayer / class at 9.3oam. Things start to pick up pace right about 10.25am. Visiting the toilet before service begins, tuning an instrument, preparing the video camera... occasional I could say "hi" to someone & squeeze in a lame joke, just to end the conversation with a smile. And then service begins.  And then it ends & the rush begins yet again. Worship team debriefing, quick chats, another visit to the toilet, lunch, and youth service is from 2pm - 4pm.
Visited Canaan Church last Sunday. Gave the pastor a scare by suggesting that he was suppose to be in my church that day. Encountered a persistent usher in Kok Leong (which was a good thing), had a good chat with Jasmine, had great chats with Joshua & Elroi after service, talked about football with the guys over coffee and the Sunday paper... It was a fruitful time.
So I want to give a big shout out to the people of Canaan Church for hosting me. With you, I enjoyed God & His people. Hope I can visit more often.

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