Friday, October 06, 2006

My ExG3 piece

This is my ExG 3 piece - yup, another video. I was in such a blur that evening that I forgot to take my thumbdrive along to the event (left it in the office). The worse part was that I didn't know it until the very last minute. Got to show a few people that night at my house. Then several more saw it when they were gathering at my place.

But what they saw was the incomplete version. I figured since I was already late in submitting for ExG 3, I might as well spend more time on it & make it better. So there, it's better now. No one has seen this version. So you lucky reader you...

*p/s - Remember, press "Play" then press "Pause", wait till the grey bar is full before pressing "Play" again.Your comments and ratings are much appreciated.

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