Thursday, June 08, 2006

John 3:17

Alpha @ NanoChurch once again brought up an issue (read it here)I have trouble applying in my life with balance. And my balancing act is way far from perfection. Here's the imaginary conversation between God and I on the matter::
me: Ok. So that's what You do.
God: yes, and you can do it too.
me: But You're God. Your ways are so much higher than mine.
God: Sure You can. I say so.
me: Well, it's easier said than done. I guess I'm still processing the idea.
God: You'll get it.
me: How do I apply this here on earth? It's so hard to find the right balance.
God: What makes you think there's a balance?
me: There isn't?
God: What's My motto?
me: erm... Love no matter what??
God: See, I told you I didn't make you dumb.
me: But I'm missing something out, right? Or else we wouldn't be having this conversation... How do I love? How can I love the way that You do?
God: What is love?
me: Is this a trick question?
God: Play along, son.
me: Well, YOU are love!!
God: That's right. And I can love the way that I do because....??
me: Because You are love??
God: And you know that if I do something, it's out of love because...??
me: Because I know that You are love??
God: So what is your question?
me: In order to love, I first need to BE LOVE?
God: Yes, you need to be all about love. Everything about you, must be about love. I want you to think about this.
me: You know I will. But this matter sounds harder than it was before...
God: Who ever told you following Me will be easy?
me: I followed You because I know You're the way.
God: Right, the narrow way that leads to life.
me: Right.
God: You'll get it. I want you to.


Jonathan Chu (Pig Take Egg) said...


Interesting imaginary conversation.. :)

do u really really converse with God this way? I mean, in real life?

Joash Chan said...

I would like to think I converse with God like that. But in real life, there's a high chance that I am actually talking to myself. My protrayal of God is based on how much I know Him, which i'm sure is far less.

Gina said...

I'm so glad we're on the same wavelength. I love to hear other's inner monologue/dialogue. I see God stirring, it's so exciting to be a part of it. Keep making people think deeper, Joash. We INTJ's have got to bring it to a deeper level. You are an inspiration. Go with God.

Anonymous said...

wow. that's a great summary of the thoughts i know i have and im sure all of us do too. Indeed, it is all about Him and thus we also need to be all about love. Sometimes it is so hard to love others who do wrong but His love surpasses all of that...n to give love is such a great feeling because we are so privilaged to have been given His abundant love in the 1st place

ming yan said...

hmm..let's you want to be if you really became love, and since god is love, doesnt that make you god? i mean, really..

Luke Chan said...

Yesterday I wished myself "Happy Fathers Day". I am happy because I have sons like Joash and Emmauel [ his brother in Australia]. Today I wished myself again: Happy Fathers Day. Tomorrow also and ....
Yeh, yeh, yeh..

Kyo Sin said...

Hey joash,

That thought is very poignant. To think..that in order to love needs to be love. How do you become love?

If one was love, she'd be thinking about love all the time, doing love, breathing love.. That's a lot of work since we're all so inclined to not love. It sounds so cool, yet so hard. It's so hard to love. It's a lot of work.

ming yan said...

hi kyo sin, well, just for arguement's sake, you're missing the point..

"to love" and "to be love" are two different love is to do something, so doesnt matter what, when you "do" something constantly by conscious effort, it will wear you out..but to BE love is is to make yourself love, so, love=you..and "to be" is a natural state, so it doesnt take conscious effort..just like being human is natural to us..

ah well, i should stop spamming joash's philosophies with nonsence like these...but it's fun.. =)