Tuesday, June 27, 2006

My Cell Group

God has blessed me with a wonderful cell group. Each one carries a different vibe and unique personality. By the grace of God we often have very open and transparent sharings and discussion. It's so beautiful to hear a young person talk about life in school, peer pressure, sibling relationship, music, God... To me, this is church. Sharing life together, meeting needs, encouraging and praying for one another to be the light and salt to the people we know and brush pass everyday, sharing and showing the Jesus we know individually, motivating our walk in knowing this huge God.

It's such a joy to be with them. I see Jesus in all of them. Everytime we meet I feel that they are investing time in my life.


So I Go said...

looks like a great group.. community is so huge in our discipleship; i applaud you for sharing life together.

Create Tools said...

My son is Joash, we call him as he is given by the Lord.
Like to interact with you.


Anonymous said...

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