Friday, February 24, 2006

Joy of serving

Last night May and I wanted to go for movie. Decided to invite dad to join us. He cooked and prepared a meal for May and I. And as dad droved we ate in the car. He talked about how much we would have spent if we were to eat out. He had this smile on his face. Like he was really happy to have found a new way to serve and love May and I. He said that he'll do that more often. Tonight I'm going to church right after work, and he's bringing food for me again. I think he's smiling.
I'm reminded about the joy of serving and loving. The joy of searching deep inside to find something we can do to bless someone; to take the time to learn and master a skill in order not to disappoint our team members; to contribute to the welfare and growth of our fellow runners and dreamers. I pray that no man misses out on this joy.

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Anonymous said...

its sweet and lovely for a dad to prepare meal for a son..appreciate it because not every one has the chance or opportunity to enjoy this "benefit".

your new template looks greater than before. Maybe it will be better if u add a shout box beside there.

God Bless..