Monday, February 20, 2006

Blogger Trouble

Dear all,
After seeking help from an IT friend and trying to fix the problem myself, I have come to the conclusion that the problem with my sidebar is Blogger's fault. Initially, I thought it was because of my newly added music file link. I tried to change a new template, which will remove all customisations, but the problem remained. So sad...
So after choosing template after template, I've decided to stick with something familiar and use the same template I use for my Lah blog. In the mean time, if anyone has created a cool template and would love for me to help you showcase your proud work, I'll be more than delighted. I promise to give a shoutout, maybe even put a link to you =)
Recently discovered a really exciting possibility, hopefully I can get it done soon. Look forward to that!!


Gina said...

Joash, There is a post with the subject LoveGodLoveGodLoveGod etc. Try shortening that title and see if your sidebars goes back into place. On my blog, if a subject line goes on and on or if I have a picture that's too big, the sidebar will go to the bottom.

Joash Chan said...

Gina, you're a saviour!! And I'm an idiot!! THanks so such for your help!!

Now that my problem has been solved, I still hope that someone can create a template for me... =)

Ben soo said...