Tuesday, April 19, 2005

A poem

You laid aside Your glory
To show the way,
Clothed with humility
Yet brighter than day

I cling to hope,
I hold on to promise
I die to my self
That in You I may live

Send Your fire
Burn all of me
From all earthly desires
Would You set me free

Give me more of You
Lord, You must increase
I will take up my cross
For You, I shall live

.... Someone inspired me to write poems again. I want to express myself as clearly and accurately as I can, so I might edit this several times...

I want to thank all those who've been reading my blog. Keep those comments coming in... I pray that you'll be inspired and encouraged, convicted and changed...


Caroline said...

God loves nothing more than for one to ask that he burns in them. Salt, light, fire; ask for it all. Soon people will be wondering what you have that they haven't got. It's Jesus, in a yellow neon sign.

Luke Chan said...

Great going man!
There's already a tune humming in my head....,,ear,,,er,,,,,


Anonymous said...

thx for visiting my blog..
btw... u're just inspired me write poems again..

Anonymous said...

Hahah i know who insipred u to write poems again, u know i know "cukuplah" Hmmmn its been a long time no writing of poems myself must look for some inspiration ........ :)

Joash Chan said...

Thanks for your comments. Honoured to be able to inspire... Fellow anonymous commenters, do leave your names, ok? I would really love to know who you are, thanks...